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The story of Gods work in my life

I was born on August 11th 1967 in Woerden, The Netherlands. My parents were part of a traditional Dutch Reformed church, which is a church of very strict Calvinist background. I was raised with the Bible and therefore grew up with a good understanding of the importance of being born again. In my teen years, I was fervent in the Word of God and I wanted to know as much about God as possible. However, although I had heard the call for repentance many times, the teaching of the doctrine of election in that Church had kept me from understanding that I needed to accept the sacrifice of Jesus and believe that He died for me and rose again to give me eternal life.

Finding God

Then one Monday morning, it must have been somewhere springtime 1984, when at school we met with all the students; the school director told us that one of the students at school had died that weekend after a short sickness. That week we went to her funeral with a whole group of students and at that funeral God spoke to me through the message that was brought by the pastor of that church. It was when this man referred to the words of Jesus "It is finished", which Jesus spoke at the cross just before He died, that it felt to me that God said to me: "Johan, I died for you as well; I have finished the work for you as much as for any other person; will you accept my sacrifice for you?" At that moment I could only respond by accepting Jesus' sacrifice for me and the new life that came through being born again. From that time on I was firm in my conviction that I had been born again and, for as far as possible within the religious traditions of the church I belonged to, I was growing in my relationship with God.

Going on with God

About two years later, after finishing secondary school in 1986, I started studying Electrical Engineering at the Technical University in Delft. Soon I became a member of a Christian student group called C.S.F.R. through which I was introduced to personal bible study and many of the friends from that group helped me in growing in my relationship with God. Through my activities within that student group and within IFES-Nederland, the national student union of which my group was a member, I also came in contact with students from evangelical backgrounds which again broadened my perspective on the Bible and our relationship as Christians with God.

After I visited an international evangelistic student conference in Austria in summer 1990, God opened a door for me to work together with a team of people to prepare for a university wide student outreach in September 1991 at our university in Delft. It was only through Gods grace that I managed to get through this outreach after ending up leading it from half way the preparation process. However, it was not the outreach that turned my life upside down, but what happened in the year after that.

Sudden change

In November 1991, I heard that one of the students from my own reformed student group had been baptized in a fairly new charismatic church of which several members had participated in the outreach. For me this was something impossible because I always had been taught that being "re-baptized" was a sin against Gods covenant. So, my conclusion was that either this student was making a huge mistake or my own understanding of the Word of God was incorrect for a great part. From that time I started studying the Bible day and night. The desire grew in me to find the answer and although I was in the final phase of my studies, I ended up spending most of the time in Bible study and prayer. I had o find the answers! By the way, that student very soon became one of my best friends and he has been ever since. René, thanks for all these years of friendship.

During this time the Holy Spirit, of whom I had hardly heard until then, started opening up the Word to me and step by step He took me to the point where I had to admit that although I was a fervent student of the Word my theological understanding of the Bible was completely wrong. The Holy Spirit led me in a new understanding of Covenant, the Kingdom of God and the place and work of the Holy Spirit. At that time the Lord also started revealing to me His purpose for my life and the calling that He had for me. The desire grew in me to be a preacher and teacher of the Good News of Jesus and His Kingdom.

Called for ministry

Then, on the 26th of April 1992, the Lord spoke to me through a prophetic word spoken by an apostle-prophet who visited that charismatic church and in that prophetic word many of the things that God had spoken to me already were confirmed. That word laid the foundation of the ministry in which I have been growing since. In the weeks following, I finally came to the conclusion that many of the things I had been taught in my church were actually very Old Testament and had nothing to do with the New Covenant in which we as Christians share. One of the first things I realized is that according to the Bible, I was not yet baptized and therefore God asked me to respond to His Word by being baptized. It took me another three months of discussions with the pastor and elders of my own church before I finally came to the point where I could do nothing else but respond to Jesus calling and be baptized. On the 9th of August 1992, 2 days before my 25th birthday, I was baptized by Pastor Kyle Holland of this church, Christelijke Gemeente Levend Water Delft.

Answering the call

From that time on the Lord started teaching me many things and He also started to give me opportunities to serve in His Kingdom. At the same period of time my parents went through a rough season where my father lost his job, however through the grace of God he ended up after several years working for one of the missionary organisations in his church denomination. Through that, my parents ended up being involved in missionary work in Eastern Europe and Ghana and later on in India as well. Later on I heard from them that this was actually the answer to the desire they had in their early marriage years to go into missionary work. It is never too late for God to answer the desire you express to Him to minister in His Kingdom!

In 1997, my father invited me to come with him to Ghana once to investigate possibilities for some computer training related projects. While in Ghana the Lord brought me in contact with a young pastor of a Ghanaian charismatic church, pastor Nelson Duvor, who, as I heard years later, had just started this new church, Set Free Gospel Church, in one of the poorer areas of Accra. That contact turned out to be the base of a growing friendship and ministry partnership. Since 1997 I have visited Ghana regularly and have been teaching the Word of God. Through the years the ministry that God had called me into, grew into a ministry of teaching and evangelistic campaigns. In the mean time between these mission trips to Ghana, while in my own church in Delft, I grew as well and primarily worked with the elders in administrative and equipping ministries in the church.

In June 2005, I was invited to come to India together with a gentleman who had briefly visited my church. During that trip to India the Lord showed me a pattern for ministry as He showed me that He called me to be a teacher to the Church and an ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven to the unsaved. In January 2006, during my next visit to Ghana, the Lord enlarged my territory of ministry by opening doors to ministry in other churches besides the church of my friend, Pastor Nelson. The Lord also asked me to start tithing of my time, meaning that He called me to take at least 6 weeks every year in ministry. By the way, besides these ministry trips, at this moment, I am still working as a computer software architect, which is Gods way to allow me to be a 'tentmaker' as the apostle Paul was, who worked a regular job to provide for the finances in his life and for ministry besides preaching the Gospel.

Mission continued

After returning home, the Lord started showing other aspects of His ministry for me as well. One of the things is that He told me to start ministering under the ministry name of "Kingdom of Heaven International Ministries". This name points to the fact that it is not my personal ministry, but actually the ministry of Jesus the Anointed One who is the King of the Kingdom of Heaven and has a ministry to every person on this earth; while at the same time He has called me to be one of His ambassadors on this earth, just as He has called every Christian who is willing to go, to be His ambassador.

God is Good

I can truly say that the Lord has been with me all of my life as He is changing me into His likeness more and more, day by day. And it is only through His grace that I have been saved and He called me to be a minister of the Good News of the Kingdom of Heaven.
May the blessings of our father God, our maker, and of His eternal Son Jesus the Anointed One and of His Holy Spirit who leads us every day of our life into a life of holiness, be part of your life as well.